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A Brief Introduction to WILOTAPOS

WILOTAPOS systems are portable hardware devices which work wirelessly and process payments through a range of payment methods – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Chip-based cards, With mobile wallets and NFC which is popular to you , which have high installation & maintainance costs. Additionally, most of the available WILOTAPOS systems are suitable for all sizes of business.WILOTAPOS machines can be paired with a smartphone or a tablet, hence making them easy to use by anyone. Large store owners, can buy several WILOTAPOS devices which can be linked to a central register. WILOTAPOS is one stop shop of all automation needs to handle overall operations efficiently. Explicit sales services and higher rate of customer satisfaction leads to the path of success WILOTAPOS is a retail management solution that provides enriching in-store experience with effective management of various retail operations. Wilota POS enables staff to provide quick and efficient services to customer, delivering an experience that matches the brand promise and builds customer loyalty. This solution is designed to optimize store performance and increase productivity.


  • Reduced retail stock-outs
  • Providing more volume and revenue to manufacturers
  • Improved asset visibility
  • Leading to improved asset utilization
  • Working capital efficiency
  • Improved product returns management
  • Counterfeit prevention
  • Obsolescence prevention
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective

Features of WILOTAPOS

  • Barcode Labels
  • Price Tags250-185
  • GST Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Estimate Sales Order
  • Stock Management
  • Stock Auditing
  • Many Useful Reports
  • Data Security
  • User Control
  • Credit, Debit Note and GR Note
  • Operate Offline, Online, Hybrid

Specifications of WLOTAPOS

  • Reading range: Max 15 meters
  • Reader chip: Impinj R2000
  • Communication: RS-232, TCP/IP